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A comprehensive Discord verification bot that makes your community safe from bots raids and unpleasant activities. With it’s all-in-one approach, AuthGG provides you with everything you need to keep your community safe

Image Captcha

This displays some text inside an image, and in order to be verified, users must click the correct button that contains the word that is displayed inside that image

Random Emoji Pick

An interactive random emoji pick in which users must select the correct emoji shown in the example. Users who repeatedly fail the verification process can also be kicked off or banned

1-Click Verification

Use the one-click button verification method if you don't want anything complicated. To be verified, your server members simply need to click a button. It is easy, simple and straightforward

Math Verification

Allow new users to solve a basic math question right on Discord and only grand access if they pass the verification by answering the math question correctly

Hidden Word Captcha

New users must click on a hidden field to uncover a secret word, and then choose the correct word from a list of buttons containing random words

Web Verification

New users will be validated on our website before being shown a captcha that must be entered in Discord. You can prevent users of proxies and VPNs this way

Email Verification

Verify new users with only a valid email address. Only accept emails from one or multiple domains to match your requirements

More on the way!

More verification methods are on the way. Please forward us any suggestions you may have!

Did you know that 92% of Discord users dislike being forcibly redirected to a sketchy website and asked to log in with their Discord account just before verifying on a server?

This is where AuthGG shines – no sketchy redirects or logging into anything. Ensure the highest level of server security while allowing your users to quickly verify themselves on your server

Why AuthGG?

Some of the features to note down while you’re browsing through!

Different types of verification systems

Why settle for one when you can select from a variety of verification systems? From an advanced captcha, emoji pick, math question to a simple button type verification

Keep track of what's happening

You can see and log everything, from a user simply passing the verification to identifying if a user is suspicious after failing several times

Fully customizable

Being completely customizable, you will be able to better set up each step of the verification process, allowing you to better protect your server

Kick on failed attempts

AuthGG has the ability to kick out a user if they have been unable to pass the verification within 3 attempts by default. You can change this value to whatever you like

Enforce time limits

Optionally configure AuthGG to ban or kick users if they don't complete their captcha within a preset time frame

Customizable verification flow

The captcha flow in AuthGG can be customized to your liking. You can optionally display server rules before users are verified, for example


Server Locking & Passwords

Open and close your server to new members, and only allow certain members to join with a password

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AuthGG delivers exactly what it offers. It was extremely simple to set up and use. I liked the different types of verification that we could use. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a simple yet stylish verification bot
Roel Hammer
I tried almost every bots out there and none of them could provide a simple, quick verification process like this. This has an intuitive easy to use multiple captcha systems and everything is very quick and easy to setup and modify

Video Tutorials

Some of the video tutorials on our Youtube channel may be useful for configuring AuthGG


While AuthGG is free to use, we provide some premium cutting-edge features for your servers!

$6.99 per month

Unlimited Email Tokens

Each server receives 20 email tokens by default each month. When a user tries to verify on your server, email tokens are used to send emails. It costs one email token for a successful email verification.

Customize Messages

With premium, you have the option to customize the last message in the verification flow, which is displayed to users when they are successfully verified with your own text, images and links.

AuthGG SafeEntry™

SafeEntry™ makes advantage of a constantly updated database of discord users who are referred to as scammers. SafeEntry™ can prevent over 10.8k+ scammers from accessing your server.

Looking for a custom bot?

Are you looking for a custom instance of AuthGG for your server? You can change the bot name, use your own profile picture and change your bot bio whenever you want from your Discord Developer Portal.

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